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Dr. Kenneth Bermudez is a leading San Francisco mommy makeover surgeon who can help you achieve your pre-baby body. He has helped numerous women correct bothersome concerns with their abdomen and breasts due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, so they can feel confident again.

What is Mommy Makeover?

“Mommy Makeover” surgery is not a single surgical procedure; rather, it consists of multiple procedures, which are performed at the same time. A mommy makeover typically includes abdominoplasty, or “tummy tuck” surgery, as well as breast lift surgery, which is often accompanied by breast augmentation surgery with breast implants. Mommy makeover surgery can include other body contouring procedures such as thigh lift and liposuction. Women seeking mommy makeover in San Francisco with Dr. Bermudez often do so for one or several of the following reasons:

  • To eliminate sagging abdominal skin that has lost its elasticity due to one or more pregnancies

  • To repair severely weakened, possibly separated, abdominal muscles due to pregnancy

  • To lift breasts that droop or seem flat like pancakes due to nursing

  • To surgically enhance breasts that have become smaller or lost volume due to nursing

At our San Francisco plastic surgery practice, Dr. Bermudez consults with each patient before recommending an appropriate surgical treatment protocol to fit her unique physical needs and aesthetic goals.

Who is a Candidate for Mommy Makeover?

Candidates for mommy makeover cosmetic surgery must have reasonable expectations for the outcome. The best mommy makeover candidates desire aesthetic improvement, but not necessarily perfection. In general, appropriate candidates are in sound physical and mental health, and have thoroughly considered their cosmetic goals for mommy makeover surgery.

The following individuals may not be suitable candidates for mommy makeover surgery: those who are unsatisfied with every aspect of their body; those who have unrealistic expectations for what cosmetic surgery can help accomplish (e.g., repairing a difficult marriage); individuals who are not pursuing the procedure of their own accord; and women who are pregnant, nursing or plan to become pregnant again.

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The Procedure

Usually comprised of abdominoplasty, breast lift and / or breast augmentation surgery with implants, mommy makeover surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia due to the complex nature of the surgery. The entire procedure generally takes about four or five hours.

During tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Bermudez makes a horizontal incision in the pubic area, extending from hipbone to hipbone. He strategically positions the incision so that it is easily concealed by an underwear or bikini line. He removes excess skin, and fat if needed, before repairing the abdominal muscles. He may place internal sutures at multiple sites to secure the repaired abdominal muscles in position. The San Francisco tummy tuck surgeon then pulls the remaining skin taut and repositions the navel to align with the flatter, newly sculpted abdominal contour. Dr. Bermudez closes the incision with sutures and surgical adhesive and dresses the area with bandages.

During the breast lift procedure, Dr. Bermudez creates an incision around the perimeter of the areola, the more darkly pigmented skin around the nipple. He also makes an incision that extends from the lower border of the areola to the breast’s natural fold before eliminating excess skin. The breast lift surgeon then tightens the remaining skin and reshapes the breast tissue, shifting the nipple to a higher position on the breast to align with the newly lifted breast shape. Dr. Bermudez can also insert either saline or silicone breast implants during this procedure for added volume. He closes the incisions with sutures and dresses the area with bandages.


Those undergoing mommy makeover surgery should expect to take about two weeks off from work or their normal activity after the procedure. If they have young children, they should arrange to have some help with childcare for the initial recovery period.

Patients can expect the treated areas to be bruised, swollen, tender or numb. Any pain or discomfort can be alleviated with oral pain medication as directed by Dr. Bermudez. All these symptoms are normal and will subside with time. Women may feel changes in nipple sensation as the nerves heal. Note that it can take several weeks to feel “back to normal.”

Individuals should get plenty of rest and avoid any strenuous activity in the first week or two following surgery. , they should take short walks around the house every hour or so, as soon as they are able, to avoid developing blood clots, particularly in the legs. Patients can gradually resume their daily routine and exercise regimen as advised by Dr. Bermudez.

It is impossible to avoid scarring at the incision sites. However, scars will lighten over time, often becoming nearly imperceptible.

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Possible Complications

Every type of surgery has inherent risks, including mommy makeover surgery. Dr. Bermudez takes every precaution possible to minimize surgical risks. Nonetheless, possible complications that may arise from mommy makeover surgery include:

  • Negative reaction to anesthesia

  • Blood clots

  • Asymmetry of scars

  • Substantial scarring

  • Infection

  • Excessive bleeding

  • Slow healing

  • Asymmetry of breasts

  • Changes in nipple sensation, including permanent numbness

  • Possible nursing impediment

  • Capsular contracture with breast implants (i.e., formation of scar tissue around the implant)

  • Breast implant rupture

  • Breast implant rippling

In addition, those who opt for silicone breast implants should have a breast imaging exam (i.e., ultrasound or MRI) every three years after the initial breast augmentation to monitor breast health.

Dr. Bermudez will discuss all possible complications associated with mommy makeover with you during your consultation. He will let you know what you can do to help minimize possible complications on your end.

What are the Advantages of Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Mommy makeover can help you restore the figure you had before having children. Some of the many advantages of surgical mommy makeover include:

  • Restoration of the figure you had before having children

  • Flatter, firmer midsection

  • Perkier breasts that sit higher on the chest

  • More voluminous breasts

  • Nipples that point forward instead of toward the ground

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Added clothing options

Having children does not have to ruin your figure. Thankfully, San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr. Bermudez can help moms restore their pre-baby body.

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Dr. Bermudez can include additional cosmetic surgery or nonsurgical procedures in mommy makeover surgery to enhance aesthetic results. Lower body lift, thigh lift or arm lift surgery can help remove drooping excess skin from bothersome areas. Dr. Bermudez can also perform liposuction in San Francisco, not simply on the abdominal area, but also on the back, thighs, hips, buttocks, arms and even the chin or neck area. Please schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Bermudez to learn more about your available treatment options.

Tummy Tuck FAQs

Should I lose weight before getting a tummy tuck?

Since tummy tuck surgery is not weight loss surgery, Dr. Bermudez recommends that you be at or near a healthy weight (and maintain this weight for several months) prior to the procedure. Any excess and/or sagging fat due to weight loss will be removed during surgery.

What can I expect while recovering from tummy tuck surgery?

Immediately after surgery, you can expect to have some bruising and swelling in the abdomen area. Tummy tuck surgery patients also often experience some mild to moderate discomfort during this time, which can be mitigated with doctor-prescribed pain medication. It’s important to walk around as soon as possible after surgery, even going on short walks around the neighborhood; this will help with circulation and healing and prevent blood clots from forming.

Dr. Bermudez recommends that you take one to two weeks off work the first two weeks following your surgery. If you have a job that requires a lot of physical demands, you may wish to take a month or more off work. Patients should also avoid exercise for at least six weeks after tummy tuck surgery. Dr. Bermudez will determine when you are ready to go back to work and exercise during your post-op evaluation, where he will check that you are healing properly.

Dr. Bermudez will discuss post-operative instructions with you in more detail during your pre-surgery consultation.

How soon will I see my tummy tuck results?

You will notice an improved stomach appearance—no more excess, sagging skin or extra fat—immediately after surgery. Your new, flatter, leaner-looking stomach will appear gradually over time. Keep in mind, though, that it may take six months to a year to see the final results of your surgery.

Are tummy tuck results permanent?

Though tummy tuck results are permanent, dramatic weight gain and pregnancy will undo them as they will stretch out the abdominal skin and muscles once again.

Will I have scars after tummy tuck surgery?

Like any surgery that involves incisions, tummy tuck surgery will leave scars. Though tummy tuck scars will never completely go away, they will fade significantly after several months. Dr. Bermudez will also ensure that the incisions are made in places that are covered up by most underwear and bikini bottoms. He will also provide you with post-operative care instructions that includes scar management information for minimizing the appearance of scars.

How much does tummy tuck surgery cost?

Though prices can vary, tummy tuck surgery typically costs between $14,000 to $15,000.

Can tummy tuck surgery be combined with other procedures?

Though tummy tuck surgery can be performed as a standalone procedure, it is also often combined with other body contouring procedures. In mommy makeover surgery, a tummy tuck is often combined with one or more procedures that include breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, and thigh lift surgery. Dr. Bermudez may also perform tummy tuck surgery as part of post-bariatric body contouring after dramatic weight loss.

What should I keep in mind when looking for a tummy tuck surgeon near me?

A tummy tuck surgeon should have specialized training and education in plastic surgery, and also should be known for their superior patient care and safety. To ensure that you get this quality of care, it’s important to look for a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your procedure. A cosmetic surgeon is not the same as a board-certified plastic surgeon; the former is a medical doctor with supplemental plastic surgery training, while the latter has several years of specialized education and hands-on training in plastic surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeons are also certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which one of the highest standards in patient care and safety.

Do you have tummy tuck before and after photos?

Browse our tummy tuck patient photo gallery to see the natural-looking results Dr. Bermudez is known for.