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Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Bermudez and his staff are absolutely amazing and wonderful in every way that you’d expect a doctor and practice to be. I’m thrilled with my results, and every step of the process has been a comfortable and pleasant experience. I tend to ask a lot of detailed questions and Dr. Bermudez is always thorough in addressing all my concerns. I was recommended by a friend and will definitely refer other friends to see him in the future!"

– Natalie

"Dr. Bermudez is nothing but professional, honest and first class. I came in for a consultation and what i liked is that he told me why I was a good candidate for surgery. Then he asked me for my thoughts, gave me his thoughts afterwards, and we were completely on the same page! He would not do something for a patient that he didn’t think was right. Integrity all the way! On the day of my surgery i was very nervous but i felt confident in his hands and was able to trust him and know it would be ok. I am more than thrilled with my results and i now have the figure i always wanted and my body is symmetrical from head to toe! A skilled surgeon with natural results is what you will get from Dr. Bermudez! Annalee and the other members of his office are helpful and warm. Make no other choice!!!"

– Ashley B.

"I had a breast reduction done by Dr. Lee 3 months ago & I am very pleased with the results. Every time I have gone in for an appointment, the staff always treats me with courtesy & are very friendly & professional. Dr. Lee is very caring & more than just a surgeon, he is truly an artist. I am absolutely amazed at how he was able to redesign my body & remove up to 4 pounds from my chest & underarm area. Having this surgery has gotten rid of my back pain, making it easier for me to sleep & move. I would recommend Dr. Lee to anyone interested in this type of surgery. He is the best."

– Nancy P.

"I’ve had three reconstructive procedures with Dr. Bermudez; he’s professional and precise. My scars are perfect (people don’t even notice them.). He’s a pleasant guy and an excellent surgeon."

– Patient

"Dr. Bermudez is truly the best plastic surgeon!! I went to about 5 consultations before I decided to go with him. Right when I came out of the consultation I knew he was the one. But before I made a final decision, my bf, who is very analytical created a matrix for me to rate all the doctors to make sure I’m going with the best. We looked at education, bedside manner, results & rating, pricing and techniques. He scored the highest out of all the doctors and I went to a few pretty well known ones in the bay area.

I absolutely agree with what Megan said in her previous post. Dr. Bermudez is world class. He is caring, great listener, and extremely professional. He made me feel so comfortable right from the start. He was very detailed with me and gave me what his recommendations were, which is also exactly what I wanted. His practice does not believe in big, fake looking boobs. I’m only 10 days post op and my boobs already feel soft and look natural. I’m beyond impressed!

Not just that, he gave me a Q Pain Pump. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s this little pump with catheters that goes into your breasts so it relieves pain after surgery. I have girlfriends who told me it was the worst pain they felt so that was what I was expecting. But with the pain pump, I barely felt any pain. The minor discomfort was fixed with some pain pills. I also have a fear of taking too much pain pills so with the pain pump, I only took 2 the first and second day. And the by the third and forth day, I only took one at night. By the fifth day the pain pump is gone and there was barely any discomfort left. It was seriously a much smoother process than I have ever imagined. I only wonder to myself, why didn’t I do this sooner…but then again, if i did get it sooner, I may not have found Dr. Bermudez!

I’m so glad I went with Dr. Bermudez and would recommend anyone who wants to get plastic surgeries done."

– Jenny C.

"THE BEST. His practice is growing fast, but I always had 100% attention when I had an appointment and he always took the time to answer any and all questions and explain things thoroughly. His office staff, Emily and Nila, are great too. Well worth the drives from San Jose to SF.

If you need any cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, have a consultation with Dr. Bermudez and decide for yourself. I liked him because he was clearly a skilled surgeon and he also seemed to care about me as a patient. Not the ego that I noticed when I had consultations with other surgeons in the same field."

– Erin O.

"Very caring, very understanding man. I’ve had a belt-lipectomy, lipo, and chest lift with him. He understands the needs of patients who have lost a lot of weight.

He listens, he actually listens. He responds to what you want done, tells you what can actually be done, doesn’t try to sell you on anything that you’re not wanting, and, in my case, has told me the truth if I needed something done or not (like the mini face lift he won’t give me).

If you’re looking for a fantastic plastic surgeon, please call his office. His staff is amazing, he’s amazing and if I need any other procedures, I’ll definitely be returning to"

– Patient

"I have had the BEST experience with Dr. Bermudez! My first impression of him during my consultation was his warmth and charm, but more importantly, his professionalism and natural ease in explaining the procedure, the pros and cons, risks, what to anticipate, etc. It never felt like I was talking to a salesman and I never felt any pressure to commit to the surgery.

Through the entire process, I truly felt like I was in good hands and I can confidently recommend him to anyone else out there who’s looking for a solid surgeon. I’m EXTREMELY happy with my results and would return to Dr. Bermudez if I were to consider further enhancements or alterations! Feel free to send me a message if you want more details on him or if you have any questions!"

– Felicia H.

"I am a new mom and went to Dr Bermudez for some “mommy makeover” surgery. I can’t tell you what a wonderful experience I had. Dr. Bermudez is talented, amazing plastic surgeon. He listened to my needs, gave me realistic expectations and performed a superb job. I felt secure and confident with him before, during and after the surgery.
If you are considering any plastic surgery, please do yourself a favor and go talk to Dr B. BTW he was just voted one of the top Bay Area docs by NBC TV. Not too bad.. and well deserved!"

– Curly Q.

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