Am I A Candidate For Breast Fat Transfer?

If you are looking to increase the size of your breasts, you could be forgiven for thinking that your only option is to use implants. However, an increasing number of patients are now choosing to enlarge their breasts and embrace a fuller, more voluptuous figure using a process known as breast fat transfer.

What is breast fat transfer?

Breast fat transfer is a newer, surgical procedure in which the patient’s own body fat is used to increase the size and volume of the breasts. The procedure is a two-part process, normally performed under general anesthetic.

During the first part of breast fat transfer, liposuction is performed on the area of your body from which fat will be removed. This is usually an area with surplus fatty tissue, such as the abdomen, thighs or hips. This is removed via suction through a very small incision, which is then closed during sutures. The fat is then prepared for the next part of the procedure.

The second part of the process involves the prepared fat being injected into the breasts at pre-determined sites, in order to add volume and create shape. This is done using a fairly fine needle, which leaves minimal scarring.

What makes a good candidate for breast fat transfer?

If you think that breast fat transfer sounds like the breast augmentation procedure that you would prefer, before you can go ahead, you will need to have your suitability for the surgery assessed. This is because, while fat transfer is a very safe and effective breast augmentation technique, it’s not necessarily the right surgery for everyone.

Typically, good candidates for breast fat transfer are people who:

Are looking for a natural-looking breasts

If you want to enhance your breasts by two or more cup-sizes, fat transfer isn’t going to be for you. This technique is suitable for patients who want to enjoy a fairly small and natural increase in their breast size. For a dramatic difference, you’ll need to look at implants instead.

Are in good health

As with other surgical procedures, good candidates are those who are in good health, with a stable weight and no ongoing medical issues.

Would like minimal scarring

One of the biggest benefits about breast fat transfer is that the injection sites used to insert the fat into your breasts are very small, leaving little to no marking. This is far more discreet than the incisions that are required for breast augmentation using implants.

Are concerned about rejection of implants

Since breast fat transfer uses your own body fat, there is absolutely no risk of your body rejecting the newly-injected fat. This helps to reduce the risk of complications experienced as a result of the procedure.

Would like the added benefit of liposuction

Since breast fat transfer involves using your own body fat, you’ll need to have a little lipo first. This gives patients the benefit of two procedures in one as liposuction will let you create smoother contours and more definition in the area that you choose to have the breast fat taken from.

Require a single breast to be altered

Breast fat transfer is a particularly popular procedure amongst patients with asymmetrical breasts and who are seeking to even up their size and volume, without dramatically altering them. Breast fat transfer is a successful method of enlarging the smaller breast to bring it into symmetry with the larger one.

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