Thermi RF – ThermiTight & ThermiSmooth

ThermiRF® introduces new ways to revitalize San Francisco patients’ appearance with advanced radiofrequency technology. ThermiRF® is designed to safely produce excellent aesthetic outcomes through the application of the science of heat. This technology combines precision temperature control with advanced real-time temperature monitoring to enable countless soft tissue treatments including neck and body skin tightening (ThermiTight) and eye skin tightening (ThermiSmooth).

ThermiTight – Minimally Invasive Subdermal Skin Tightening

As you age, your skin begins to lose elasticity leading to a sagging, aged appearance. ThermiTight is an innovative device to deliver temperature-controlled radiofrequency below the skin to combat signs of aging. ThermiTight is an excellent option for treating loose skin and reducing small pockets of fat in these areas:

  • Lower face and neck

  • Jawline – jowls and chin

  • Abdomen

  • Breasts

  • Arms

  • Flanks

  • Thighs

San Francisco patients would only need one treatment to see optimal skin revitalizing results!

What Is The ThermiTight Procedure?

During the procedure, a small probe will be inserted just below the skin. The area to be treated with be numbed and most patients report little-to-no discomfort. The probe will heat the subdermal tissues to a specific temperature, which will be continuously monitored at all times. This ensures the tissues remain in a safe and effective temperature range, which will result in a successful outcome. You will experience immediately shrinking and tightening of the area, with the optimal tightening results appearing gradually over the course of 6-9 months.

How Long Is My Recovery Time?

ThermiTight’s post procedure recovery time is very brief and the side effects are minimal. Some patients feel sore after a treatment and most patients resume normal activity the following day.

ThermiSmooth – Non-Surgical & Gentle Dermal Remodeling Around The Eyes

The ThermiSmooth hand-piece delivers the same powerful Thermi RF technology through the skin. The device delivers precise heat to the surface of skin around the eyes, which triggers your body’s natural healing process to stimulate new collagen growth over time. This also prompts your skin to tighten immediately. It is a great option for:

  • Minimizing fine lines and creases around the eyes

  • Lifting the brow and sagging eyelid skin

  • Reducing wrinkles

  • Improving the skin tone below the eyes

What Is The ThermiSmooth Process?

Warm gel will be applied around the eye and eyebrow. Then a small applicator will float around the area to gradually heat the skin to the target temperature. Many patients say this feels like a hot stone massage and feel very relaxed during the treatment.

What Is ThermiSmooth’s Recovery Like?

You may experience some redness around the treatment area that usually subsides in 30-60 minutes. You will not experience any bruising or swelling. You will start to see and feel the positive benefits immediately with the final results appearing over 6-9 months. A series of 3-6 is recommended, spaced every 2-3 weeks.

If you are a San Francisco patient who wants to learn more about our radiofrequency treatments with Thermi RF, schedule your first consultation with Dr. Kenneth Bermudez, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, and see if you are the right candidate for noninvasive skin treatment.