Your Top Plastic Surgery Questions—Answered

Plastic surgery FAQs

Do you have questions about plastic surgery? If so, you are not alone. Many of our new patients have these same questions, and Dr. Bermudez takes the time to answer each one in a private consultation. In this blog post, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions he hears, and his answers for you.

Is it Safe?

Although, like any surgery, plastic surgery comes with risks, these risks can be diminished with certain precautions. The first and most important precaution is to choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Bermudez to perform your surgery. Unlike cosmetic surgeons, board-certified plastic surgeons have been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have completed residencies in both surgery and plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgeons are medical doctors with only supplemental training in cosmetic surgery.

Another way to mitigate any plastic surgery risks is by discussing your medical history with your surgeon in a thorough, one-on-one consultation before surgery. This way your surgeon will ensure that your body can handle the surgery, and he or she can plan for any possible complications. Carefully following your plastic surgeon’s instructions before and after surgery will considerably diminish any surgery risks.

Will I Have Scars?

Anytime incisions are made in the body, scarring is inevitable. However, a careful and experienced plastic surgeon will know how to minimize the size and appearance of scars by making incisions in areas that are hidden by the body’s natural lines or by clothing.

Dr. Bermudez also offers procedures that use tiny incisions, like the VASER liposuction method. These incisions, and resulting scars, are significantly smaller than with other body contouring procedures. But even larger and more noticeable scarring will fade over time with the right post-surgery regimen. Dr. Bermudez can walk you through everything you need to do during recovery to ensure that scarring is kept at a minimum.

Plastic surgery FAQs

Will I Still Look Like Myself?

The goal of any good plastic surgeon is to help you look like a better version of yourself. This means providing you the most natural-looking results, and a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience is an expert at this craft.

Natural-looking results are due to a plastic surgeon’s careful planning and understanding of the patient’s goals for the surgery. The latter is gathered in a pre-surgery consultation, where patients are encouraged to ask the surgeon questions and share their medical history. A well-trained, qualified surgeon will then be able to achieve the aesthetic you’re after while retaining the physical characteristics that make you.

And after surgery, once you’re fully recovered, no one will know you’ve had any work done. They will just wonder why you suddenly look younger and more attractive!

What Can I Expect During Recovery?

Since every plastic surgery procedure is different, the recovery for that procedure will also be different. The recovery period after an injectable treatment is, for instance, much shorter than recovery from breast augmentation surgery.

In your pre-surgery consultation with Dr. Bermudez, he will outline exactly what to expect from your plastic surgery recovery. This includes how long the recovery period will last, how long you can expect to take off work and household chores, and when you can expect to return to normal daily activities and exercise.

Dr. Bermudez does everything he can to empower his patients by educating them on what to expect during every step of their surgery, including how to make their recovery as comfortable and short as possible.

Will My Results Last?

Plastic surgery is meant to enhance and turn back the clock on your appearance. Unfortunately, it is not the fountain of youth—it can’t stop the hands of time forever.

After plastic surgery, you will continue to see the signs of aging on your face and body. The good news, however, is that you will have “reset” the hands of time to an earlier point, causing you to seemingly age at a slower rate. Of course, maintaining healthy lifestyle choices such as eating right, exercising, and staying out of the sun will maximize the time you will enjoy your new, younger look.

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