Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures for a Bikini-Ready Summer Body

Bikini body

Ah, summer. The longer days filled with sunshine, the backyard barbeques, the pool parties…and swimsuit shopping. While for many, summer is a time to relax, unwind, and have fun with friends and family in the sunshine, for others it’s a time of fear. Who hasn’t picked themselves apart in a dressing room while swimsuit shopping? Why not make this year different—and get your body bikini-ready by the time you need to bare it all on the beach? We’re here to help with five plastic surgery procedures that will help you look and feel more confident this summer season.

Breast Augmentation

Are you self-conscious about your breast size? If you’ve always had smaller breasts than you’d like, or if you’ve lost breast volume from pregnancy, breastfeeding, or aging, then you may wish to consider breast augmentation. Dr. Bermudez offers several implant choices as well as fat transfer (a procedure that uses the patient’s own fat harvested from liposuction and injects it into the breast area). He can also advise you on which procedure is right for your body frame and surgery goals, and help you pick an implant type, size, and shape should you decide to use implants. If you want your new, fuller breasts by summer, just remember that it typically takes between 6-8 weeks for a full recovery from breast augmentation surgery. You will also need to talk to your doctor about protecting your incision areas from the sun.


Do you spend time in the dressing room pinching extra flesh on your stomach, thighs, or butt? This kind of body dissatisfaction is even more brutal when swimsuit shopping. If you have excess fat on your bodies, such as a stubborn stomach pooch or saddlebags, no matter how much you try to eat right and exercise, then you may want to consider liposuction. Dr. Bermudez offers both traditional liposuction and VASER liposuction at his practice. Unlike traditional liposuction, which uses tubes to suction out fat, less-invasive VASER liposuction uses sound waves to safely liquefy fat before removing it from the body. Both procedures will work to eliminate these “problem areas” and give you a smoother, sleeker body without the extra rolls or fat deposits—schedule a consultation with Dr. Bermudez to discuss your liposuction options and which is right for you.

Tummy Tuck

Unfortunately, swimwear (especially bikinis!) is unforgiving when it comes to extra fat around the middle. A bulging tummy may mean the difference between you enjoying your family beach vacation and hiding in the hotel. Don’t let some extra fat on your tummy control your life! Get your confidence back with a tummy tuck procedure. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, removes excess, often sagging, skin from your stomach and tightening the abdominal muscles for a more toned tummy. Find out more about the tummy tuck procedure, including if you’re a good candidate, by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Bermudez.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Sometimes the trouble with “trouble areas” is not that there’s too much fat in that area—but too little! A flat or sagging booty can bring down your whole bikini game! If you’ve thought about filling out and/or lifting your buttocks for a while, why not learn more about Brazilian buttock lift surgery? This procedure uses fat transfer from the patient’s unwanted fat (typically from their thighs or stomach) through liposuction and injects it into their buttocks for a more rounded, curvier backside.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Guys—we haven’t forgotten about you! We know that beach season isn’t just hard for the ladies. What about when you want to go shirtless on the beach but you’re afraid of being made fun of for your “man boobs”? A puffy or feminine-looking chest on a man can have an adverse effect on his self-esteem. Did you know, though, that gynecomastia (or enlarged, puffy male breasts) are increasingly common—and treatable? Our male breast reduction surgery removes excess fat and tissue from the breast area for a firmer, more masculine chest.

Start Your Summer Body Now!

Do you have questions about one or more of these procedures? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Bermudez is happy to answer them in a consultation. To schedule yours, contact our office or call us at (415) 712-1800.