The Benefits of Eyelid Surgery: Why San Francisco Patients Love It

Eyelid Surgery

Some people value facial aesthetics significantly more than others. No one wants to appear old or tired, and beauty is always appreciated. Unfortunately, everybody is at the mercy of time, and our bodies reflect how much of it we have left. That occurs as you age and the flesh above your upper eyelid sags or droops.

The procedure of blepharoplasty, often known as eyelid surgery, is a secure and efficient way to rejuvenate the face. It aids in giving the entire upper face a more vibrant, youthful appearance. This secret to looking young is especially popular in San Francisco because it works well.

When Is Eyelid Surgery a Good Option?

Your lower and upper eyelids' proportion and form can vary with your age and genetics. Upper eyelid droops or overhangs and pillows or puffiness under the lower lid indicate you need eyelid surgery. A hooded appearance can result from extra skin that hides the natural eyelid and the split between the lid and brow. 

Frown lines may appear between the brows, and eyes may droop and appear sad. The natural variety of facial expressions might be blocked by wrinkles, sagging skin, and extra fat around the eyes, transmitting mainly fatigue and disapproval.

Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

·      Restoring Youth to Your Eyes

There is a thin, sensitive layer of skin above each of your top eyelids. As you age, collagen, a natural protein that maintains firm skin, gradually becomes less in that area. The skin cannot resist gravity, so it droops when this occurs.

While everyone experiences this to some extent, some people are genetically susceptible to ptosis or drooping eyelids. These people may have been aware of the issue since their tender age, but aging can exacerbate it as early as the 20s and 30s. The only efficient, dependable method to remove that extra skin and restore your eyes to a youthful appearance is upper blepharoplasty.

·      A Confidence Boost

The adage “Beauty is only skin deep” is untrue. How you see yourself when you look in the mirror is essential. Your confidence will wane if you're self-conscious about looking tired or older than you are. The feeling is so intense in some people that they avoid taking photos with family and friends.

By alleviating the burden from your shoulders, upper blepharoplasty can give you more self-esteem to enjoy each day. You will be more confident and look and feel as young as you are inside.

·      Excellent Results With Little Scarring

Patients can decide what to make with each cosmetic procedure. What would you prefer, the current aesthetic problem or the scars from the operation? That choice is much simpler in blepharoplasty than most. When we carry out this treatment, we make tiny incisions that allow them to blend in with your eyelid's natural folds.

·      Look Less Tired

Patients frequently request eyelid surgery because they feel they look tired. Additionally, sagging eyelids can give the idea that the eyes are partially closed, which naturally contributes to the worn, sleepy expression. Patients who get blepharoplasty are typically thrilled with the results, including a more alert-looking face.

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