Seven Reasons to Choose Blepharoplasty

eyelid surgery

During the pre-op visit, Dr. Bermudez reviewed the procedure and answered a few remaining questions. His nurse gave me tips on how to prepare things for recovery at home. I was given pre and post-operative prescriptions. Lab work was performed to make sure everything was fine. With my Pre-op visit complete and I my surgery just around the corner, I was starting to get nervous… Not to mention excited.


The Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

If you are considering eyelid surgery, but aren’t sure if it’s the right time, or right for you, here are seven reasons to choose to go under the scalpel.

1. You will look like you have taken a long, refreshing nap! Puffiness under the eyes can cause you to look more tired. Whether it is from excess skin or a larger fat pad, no one likes the way it looks! With lower blepharoplasty, they can remove the excess skin and fat pad to return you to a more youthful-looking version of yourself.

2. You’re eyes will look bigger and brighter! Once the excess upper eyelid skin was reduced and the crease in my eyelid was restored my eyes appeared larger and brighter. The hooding had made me appear older than my actual age. So added bonus— I look younger!

3. You will feel more confident. Once I was healed from my surgery and I was back to wearing eye makeup I was delighted by how much more confident I felt. I knew that I looked more vibrant and younger, and I FELT more vibrant and younger. My discomfort in making eye contact or speaking in front of people disappeared.

4. With a more youthful appearance, you can pull off more youthful accessories! On the heels of my blepharoplasty, I decided to update my look with new glasses and makeup. Frames that I would have considered too young before now looked perfect for me. I felt comfortable experimenting with more vivid pallets of eyeshadow. You may even decide to have a new style for different days of the week!

5. Your makeup will look so much better. Before surgery, I had not realized what little effort I was making with my makeup. I would put on a little eyeliner and a swoop of mascara, but that was it. The sagging in my upper eyelids made me feel like eyeshadows called to much attention to them. My shadows, liners and mascara’s go on so much easier now.

6. Unlike Botox and Dermal Fillers that you may be used in place of surgery, the results are yours to keep! You may decide to have a little Botox from time-to-time to keep frown lines away, but you will find that it takes less and you are having it less frequently.

7. You’ll be surprised how easy the recovery is. I know I was! I was able to wear glasses to hide my incisions and return to work within a couple of days. The bruising was light and I was able to cover it with concealer. As far as the cost, I figured out that what I am saving on Botox and Restylane over a two year period will more than pay for my surgery.

eyelid surgery

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