Breast Implants vs. Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation

fat transfer

With so many choices out there for breast enhancement, you may wonder which is right for you and your body. In this blog post, we break down the benefits of using breast implants and using fat transfer to enhance your breasts. Both of these procedures are performed by Dr. Bermudez, and he can discuss each with you in more detail during a one-on-one consultation. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.

Why You Would Want Fat Transfer

One reason many women choose to use fat transfer, or their own fat transferred from another part of their body to their breasts, is that they want to go the “natural” route. They reason that their bodies will benefit from using their own tissue, instead of foreign objects such as implants, and will also look and feel more natural. Another benefit of fat transfer is that it significantly reshapes the body, removing fat from one area through liposuction and repositioning it to where you want more fullness—in the breasts. So now, not only do you have larger breasts but slimmer thighs or a flatter stomach!

Dr. Bermudez offers Autologous Fat Grafting, or autologous fat transfer, at his San Francisco plastic surgery practice. AFT, as it’s commonly called, harvests excess fat from the stomach, buttocks, or thighs through liposuction and is injected (after preparation) into the breast area for breast enhancement

You may want to consider a fat transfer if you:

  • Want a more natural breast augmentation

  • Want to increase your bust one cup size or less

  • Want to remove excess fat from a “trouble spot”

  • Want to correct breast asymmetry naturally

  • Want to improve the aesthetics of breast reconstruction surgery results after a lumpectomy or mastectomy

Advantages of fat transfer are:

  • 100% natural; the body’s own tissue is used

  • Nearly scar-free (no incisions for implants; small incisions for liposuction)

  • No risk of implant complications after surgery

  • Reshapes entire body, removing unwanted fat from one area while increasing breast size

fat transfer

Why You Would Want Breast Implants

While fat transfer may be more natural than breast implants, it’s also less reliable. When fat is transferred, it may be reabsorbed by the body and provide no, or very minimal, breast enhancement as a result. Breast implants, on the other hand, remain intact in size and shape after surgery, giving you the exact results you envisioned for the procedure. Implants should also be considered if you want a significant (more than one cup size) increase in your breast size. Plus, since the fat transfer procedure is essentially two procedures in one (liposuction and breast surgery), it is a more expensive option than breast implants—another reason you may opt for implants instead.

Dr. Bermudez offers saline, silicone, and Ideal silicone as implant options. To learn more about each implant type, schedule your own personal consultation with the doctor.

You may want to consider breast implants if you:

  • Want to increase your bust by more than one cup size

  • Want more upper breast fullness (more cleavage)

  • Want more choices for enhanced breast size and shape

Advantages of breast implants are:

  • More reliable surgery results in breast aesthetic and size

  • More economical than fat transfer procedure

  • Easily combined with a breast lift to correct breast sagging

  • Great for patients with minimal fat to harvest for fat transfer

  • No risk of fat absorption by the body after surgery

Are You a Candidate for Breast Enhancement?

Are you unhappy with your current breast size? Do you want to fix asymmetrical breasts, or have you lost breast volume from pregnancy or aging? Are you in good physical health? Do you have reasonable goals and expectations when it comes to your breast enhancement results? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for breast augmentation with breast implants or breast enhancement through fat transfer. Want to know for sure if you’d be a good candidate for either or both procedures? Dr. Kenneth Bermudez can assess the answer to that question, and answer all of your questions about breast enhancement, in a consultation. Schedule one today by calling us at (415) 712-1800.