Considering a Mommy Makeover? What Procedures Are Done in a Mommy Makeover?

mommy makeover

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman may have. Unfortunately, motherhood causes significant changes — some permanent — to the woman’s body. Getting back to the pre-baby glory is nearly impossible with diet and exercise alone, and some women seek out surgical help to reverse some of these changes.


The combination of cosmetic surgeries and treatments designed to restore a woman’s body is a mommy makeover. It is an ideal solution to deflated breasts, loose skin, separated abdominal muscles, and stubborn fat cells. When considering a mommy makeover, here are the procedures to expect:


Abdominoplasty or “Tummy Tuck”


The abdominoplasty is a corrective surgery used to tighten and restore abdominal muscles. It also takes out the loose skin and stubborn belly fat. During pregnancy, the tissue joining the sections of the abdominal muscles separate permanently. After birth, with nothing holding in the abdomen’s organs and tissues, the stomach sticks out even after weight loss. This is called “rectus diastasis” and can lead to chronic low back pain and poor core strength. There is also loose skin when the protruding pregnancy belly goes down. The stretching during pregnancy may also have led to prominent stretch marks. These conditions do not always go away, and a tummy tuck will help get rid of the excess skin, tighten your abdominal wall (fix the rectus diastasis) and restore your navel to the normal position.


Breast Lifting and Augmentation


Pregnancy causes breasts to enlarge. Once the pregnancy and lactation are over, the breasts volume reduces, and they sag. Some women may also find that one breast ends up larger than the other. In cases of severe breast sagging, the plastic surgeon may need to take out the excess skin. The surgeon then reconstructs the breasts’ internal support structure, restoring their perky form. Some women may need breast augmentation by adding saline or gel implants to increase the breasts’ volume. The result is an increased aesthetic appeal.




Liposuction is a procedure that involves inserting a minimally-invasive suction tube under the skin to remove stubborn fat cells. Liposuction is commonly done on the waist, thighs, and hips. You may also have it done on your knees, neck, and upper arms. Any part of your body whose fat deposits appear out of place is a candidate for liposuction. By removing the fat, liposuction improves body contour. While the procedure takes out stubborn fat cells, it is not a weight loss substitute.


Thigh Lift


A thigh lift is a surgical procedure meant to reshape the thighs by taking out the excess fat and skin. The result is aesthetically pleasing thighs with smooth skin and proportionate contours. If the skin is still elastic, the plastic surgeon may only conduct liposuction. Where the skin is loose and inelastic, tucking the skin improves its appearance. In some cases, the surgeon performs both the liposuction and thigh lift.


Once weight control efforts prove unsuccessful, comprehensive surgical intervention may help restore your pre-baby youthful skin. For consultation and services, visit Kenneth Bermudez, MD, in San Francisco, California. You can also call 415-712-1800 to book your appointment.