Breast Augmentation Recovery Process and Timeline

woman after breast augmentation recovery

If you are considering breast augmentation, you may wonder how long it will take for your breasts to look normal after augmentation. The answer to that varies from person to person because each person’s body is different. 


On average, it may take six to eight weeks to recover from breast augmentation. Besides, you may notice that you feel rather fine after about one or two weeks. Your cosmetic surgeon will examine your general health and give you a more definitive timeline before starting the procedure. Here is what it may look like:


Right After Surgery


This starts your day one of recovery.


Right after you come out of surgery, you may feel drowsy or sore from the lingering effects of anesthesia. It will feel like a hangover, but the effects should clear up after a few hours. You will need a ride home because you have trouble driving yourself home.


Additionally, you will need to rest enough once you return home. Ensure water and healthy meals are within your reach so you can easily access them without bending or straining.


Five to Seven Days Post Surgery


Perhaps this will be the most uneasy part of your recovery. You may experience pain from swelling and bruising around your breasts during this time, which will slowly lessen as you recover. Pain medication will help ease the discomfort.


Your doctor may encourage you to do some light activities, such as walking, if you feel fit enough to do it. But be keen to monitor your body and rest whenever necessary.


One to Three Weeks Post Surgery


You may notice an improvement in the bruising and swelling. Moreover, you may be able to gradually ease back into doing light activities and exercises after two to three weeks. But you may need some more time off work if it involves doing strenuous movements such as heavy lifting.


All this time, your doctor will monitor your healing process and inform you when it is okay to return to your daily routine and exercise. It is always wise to begin slowly and gradually increase your efforts as your body becomes sturdier.


Four to Six Weeks Post Surgery


At this point, you will be well enough to start doing more activities. For instance, you can resume most exercises, such as intense cardio workouts and heavy lifting, six weeks after surgery. But always wait until your doctor gives you permission to avoid complications.




Over the next few more weeks, your doctor will be able to measure how far along you are in your recovery. Generally, your doctor can fully clear you to return to your daily activities three to four months after surgery. 


By then, your breasts will have settled back into position, and all the lingering swelling will have cleared up. But be patient and wait until you can see the outcome before getting new bras or bikinis. That is because your breast appearance and size may continue to change for a few more months.


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