A Patient Study: Facial Aging by Kenneth Bermudez, MD

Facial Aging

Facial Aging

In the case of this patient’s significant weight loss, she developed premature facial aging, skin laxity and loss of volume that left her feeling as if she looked like a “melted candle.”

After consultation and providing a complete and thorough pre-operative work-up I performed a lower or “mini” facelift to correct the sagging and deflated look. Note the tasteful, age-appropriate, natural look she attained, as well the restoration of facial contours and fullness in the cheeks. This creates a more youthful appearance that the patient is very satisfied with.

I have highlighted the key points of the patient’s facial aging for you to review.

The lower or mini facelift procedure this patient underwent can be performed safely, under local anesthesia with conscious sedation. The recovery is comfortable and patients are generally able to manage any discomfort with over the counter pain medications, such as Tylenol. Downtime is minimal, but I suggest that you do not participate in any rigorous activity or exercise for several days. You can typically return to work and moderate activities within a few days.

For more information about “mini” or lower facelift procedures, or to schedule a consultation, please contact Bermudez Aesthetic Medicine.

Facial Aging

Aging is a fact of life and it certainly beats the alternative. You will notice changes in your body and certain changes in the face.

Overall health, lifestyle and food choices contribute heavily to how your face and body age. Genetics certainly play their part, as well as environmental exposure. Sun damage from the sun's powerful UVA / UVB rays, and neglecting to protect yourself can age your face and body skin at a more rapid rate.

The patterns of facial aging are predictable, however, the variables mentioned may create more dramatic changes from person-to-person. Some patients tell me that when looking in the mirror, they do not always recognize the face looking back.

While on the subject of facial aging we should discuss the effects of weight loss. Whether the shedding of pounds is intentional, or as a result of illness or injury, you are sure to notice both positive and negative changes in your facial appearance.

Lower Face Lift Procedure & Recovery

For this patient study, I have selected is a 47-year-old female who lost approximately 90 pounds. While a weight loss such as this is will in most cases provide an overall improvement in your general health, it can leave you with some unwanted effects. You will see a loss of subcutaneous fat in your face, leading to skin laxity in the cheek, brow, neck, and jawline. Facial folds, jowls and marionette lines will also become more apparent.