5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Double Chin

double chin

Can double chins go away?

Double chins, also called submental fat, happens when an extra layer of fat grows below the chin. They are common and affect men and women of all ages.

People often associate a double chin with weight gain, but you do not have to gain weight to develop one. Saggy skin stemming from aging, genetics, poor posture, or weak neck muscles may also cause a double chin. These factors also determine whether double chins can go away. If you aim to get rid of your double chin, here are five ways you can go about it.

Losing Weight

If your double chin results from being overweight, reducing weight can help remove it. Part of it involves doing workouts and other physical exercises like walking, cycling, swimming, and eating healthily. No specific foods target weight loss around your chin, but eating wholesome and nutritious foods can help.

Your diet should have fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, healthy fats like those in avocados and dairy products, protein, and whole grains like barley and whole-wheat bread. Eating healthy meals and regular exercises are crucial parts of any weight-loss effort.

Doing Neck and Chin Exercises

Neck and chin exercises can help tighten loose skin around your chin and neck if you only want to lose weight around those areas. These exercises work your chin and neck muscles to burn fat and strengthen them. The evidence of the effects of neck and chin exercises on removing double chins is anecdotal. But the exercises may be an important part of getting rid of excess fat around your chin.

Doing Jaw Muscle Exercises

Jaw muscle exercises help augment your jaw muscles and define your jawline. They use small biting tools to exercise the chewing muscles on either side of your face.

With appropriate use, jaw exercises can help enhance your jawline. But like any workout, you could get injured if you use jaw exercise tools unsafely and inaccurately. You can overwork and strain your neck and jaw muscles. Your overstrained muscles become burdened and sore, causing discomfort in your jaw, neck, shoulder, and back.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment uses light energy to melt excess fat tissues underneath the skin. Laser liposuction is a common laser treatment among skin surgeons. It allows your doctor to target the area requiring treatment and effectively remove excess fat.

Injectable Treatments

Some patients opt for injectable remedies to get rid of double chins.

These include:

·      Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy injects ingredients into the chin that liquefy fat. The treatment process can last up to six months and may require more than 100 injections based on the amount of fat present.

If not done right, mesotherapy runs the risk of causing nerve damage.

·      Kybella: Kybella is an injectable medication accepted by the United States Food and Drug Administration. One treatment injects 50 shots of the medicine into the extra fat layer. It may take up to six treatments to see full results.

You may experience pain, swelling, and bruising following injectable treatments, but the symptoms will resolve as you heal. If your double chin is causing you frustration, talk to your plastic surgeon to learn more about your options.

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