5 Tips for a Speedy Summer Recovery after Plastic Surgery

how to recover from implants

Looking for some summer downtime? Why not make the most of it by combining plastic surgery recovery with a little seasonal R&R? If you’re planning on getting plastic surgery this summer, Dr. Kenneth Bermudez will show you how to do it right—and safely—for a healthy, happy recovery. Read on for his best plastic surgery recovery tips for summer.

The following tips are merely general recovery guidelines. As with any plastic surgery procedure, talk to your plastic surgeon and follow his or her instructions closely for a healthy post-op recovery.

#1: Plan a Staycation

Trekking across country with the family to a beachside resort this summer may be tempting, but if you’re planning a surgery, you’ll want to stay close to home. Most plastic surgery procedures require a week (and sometimes more) of recovery time, so we recommend recuperating in the comfort of your own home. Why not make it a relaxing summer staycation? Create a comfy, shaded lounging area on your patio or yard where you can take in the summer weather, watch the kids play, and enjoy that book you’ve been trying to read since last summer.

#2: Start Moving (But Take it Easy)

While too much moving too soon after surgery has its risks, the reverse is also true: not moving enough after surgery can cause complications like blood clots. But moderation is key: Dr. Bermudez recommends that his patients get up and walk around the room for a few minutes as soon as 24 hours after surgery. This will help get your circulation going, which will aid your body in healing. After a couple of days, start taking slow, gentle walks and incorporate some light stretching (being careful not to stretch incision points too much so that they open). This is not the time to exercise for weight loss, but a time to get the blood flowing. Easy, gentle movements are key.

#3: Get Help with Your Kid

If your kids are school age, they will likely be on summer vacation—which can be a hectic time for you as a parent even when you’re not recovering from surgery! Plan in advance of your surgery to have someone—your spouse, a grandparent, a friend—take the kids for a few days or more so that you can have time to yourself. Depending on the surgery you have, you will likely not be able to carry any extra weight, so lifting your child will be out of the question. You also won’t feel up to cooking, cleaning, and your other usual chores. If you can’t find a caregiver, take advantage of summer camps and programs so that you can heal in peace and quiet.

how to recover from implants

#4: Keep Out of the Sun

While sun protection is important during any summer, it’s especially crucial after plastic surgery. In fact, most procedures preclude you from going into the sun at all for several weeks so that your incision points won’t darken and cause permanent hyperpigmentation. To combat this, stay out of the sun completely as much as possible. When you are out in the sun, incision points should be covered, and you should apply a high-SPF sunscreen for extra protection.

#5: …And the Water

In the hot summer months, it may be tempting to take a dip in your backyard pool or dive into your local lake or ocean, but swimming should be avoided at all costs while recovering from plastic surgery. All bodies of water are off-limits, as they carry bacteria and would increase the risk of infection post-surgery. Even bathing too soon after surgery is risky, as your incisions may not be fully healed and may re-open. Dr. Bermudez recommends waiting at least 48 hours after surgery to shower. As for swimming, be sure to get clearance from your surgeon before making plans for a swim.

Include Us in Your Summer Plans!

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